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Our explicit goal is to provide a highly innovative and unique set of real estate management services for the German market. Our services include more than common property management. Our emphasis on service is intended to address the market of the future. Our “Integrated Property Management” surpasses traditional real estate administration services to provide a comprehensive solution for complex marketplace. Since simple administrative services cannot be seen as value-added, we also address complementary fields to achieve a thorough process management system with concrete advantages for the bottom line.

Our company began its business with real estate marketing where we developed our proven strategic strength. We have been successful in this arena since 1998 and we have been expanding our expertise in marketing services ever since. We use this expertise to provide local marketing services for both new and extended leases.

We view ourselves as pioneers in the area of real estate IT applications. Our very unique data processing backbone has proven itself as a powerful marketing tool. When we take on a portfolio, we are able to successfully address both residential and commercial rentals in the very first months of our efforts. That translates into bottom-line advantages for our clients. Our reporting capabilities are especially valuable in this regard. We strive to overcome petrified information channels in the real estate industry and to offer transparent real-time reporting which serves improved business analysis and risk management. We are not merely some third party consultant. We are a highly specialized business partner revealing the ins-and-outs of the business, channelling masses of detailed information to advance your portfolio in the most efficient way possible. Total financial analysis is available at your desktop!

With our Flying Manager™ you have the advantage of direct contact to your property. The equivalent of on-site work offers valuable benefits in terms of strategic planning and asset management decisions. This is how you can identify and maximize revenue generating assets! Market analysis provided through thousands of customer calls year in and year out is absolutely invaluable! Our Flying Manager™ addresses marketing, rental agreements, customer dialogue and all of the opportunities encountered on-site. It offers your customers unprecedented levels of service. The point is simple: satisfied customers are the most fertile ground to increase assets.

Turning to us means you have selected a strategic business partner who has proven the advantages of our “Integrated Property Management” through a variety of projects. We represent a partner who received honorable mention at the Expo Real 2007 for our innovative real estate marketing approach.

  Angelika Gloy is responsible for this business unit’s operating management and   Sascha Nöske is responsible for strategic management.